Tired of broken links? Archive yours with owark, The Open Web Archive


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Quick start

To install the Owark plugin on your WordPress? blog:

  1. Install the  Broken Link Checker plugin and configure it to check broken links wherever you want (posts, pages, comments, ...): Owark will archive all the links checked by the Broken Link Checker (and only these ones).
  2. Make sure wget (version >= 1.11) is installed on your server
  3. Get the latest version of the Owark plugin (git clone git://
  4. Copy or move the owark/wordpress/plugins/owark directory into your WordPress? wp-content/plugins/ directory
  5. Make sure wp-content/plugins/owark/archives is writable by your web server
  6. Activate the plugin
  7. You're done.


Owark a été présenté lors d'un  atelier à  Paris Web 2011

Owark is a new project to create a network of personal web archives that has been presented at  OSCON 2011.


Stay tuned!

 Eric van der Vlist

See also

If you want to give your readers the possibility to chose between links to live pages and their archives, you may be interested in  nhrefs, a sister project to define multi destinations links in HTML as microformats, RDFa or microdata.

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